Gora Partners with EXA Market to Bring $GORA as Payment for NFTs

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3 min readOct 18, 2023

Gora, the decentralized computing network and oracle, is excited to announce its partnership with EXA Market, one of the leading NFT marketplaces in Algorand. This partnership will allow EXA Market users to list and purchase NFTs using $GORA, Gora Network´s native token.

This partnership is a major milestone for both Gora and EXA Market. For Gora, it is a validation of its technology and its vision for the future for new use cases for $GORA. For EXA Market, this addition provides NFT creators, collectors, and users with a more extensive range of currencies for listing and purchasing NFTs. This expansion improves the NFT trading experience, making it more inclusive and user-friendly for the ecosystem.

Benefits of Using $GORA to Purchase NFTs

  • Speed and security: $GORA transactions are fast and secure, so users can be sure that their NFTs will be delivered quickly and safely.
  • Low fees: $GORA transactions have very low fees, so users can save money on their NFT purchases.
  • Decentralization:$ GORA is a decentralized token, so users are not reliant on any third-party payment processor.
  • Utility: $GORA can be used to power a variety of applications on the Gora Network, so users can earn and use $GORA in a variety of ways.

How to Purchase NFTs with $GORA on EXA Market

To purchase NFTs with $GORA on EXA Market, you will first need to download and install Pera, the official Algorand Wallet, then opt-in to ASA ID 1138500612, and fund it with $GORA, ( you can do this by utilizing the Swap Widget from Tinyman straight on our website http://gora.io ). Once you have a $ GORA-funded Algorand Wallet, you can connect it to EXA Market and start browsing, listing, and buying NFTs!

EXA Market users will find the NFT that they want to purchase and see the $GORA icon as a payment option, also, they can simply scroll in the list of available currencies and find $GORA in the list and filter a search. EXA Market will then use $GORA to the seller’s preferred currency and complete the sale.

Celebrating this Milestone

To celebrate this incredible news, we’re giving away 1,000 $GORA to 10 lucky participants! Watch our social media channels for details on how to participate and win.

The Gora-EXA Market partnership is a significant step toward making NFTs accessible to a broader audience. Keep an eye out for updates as we work together to enhance the NFT ecosystem and provide more opportunities for the Algorand community.


The partnership between Gora and EXA Market is a major step forward for the adoption of decentralized payments in the NFT space. By offering users a convenient and secure way to purchase NFTs with $GORA, EXA Market is making it easier for people to participate in the NFT ecosystem.

With the increasing popularity of NFTs and their diverse applications, ensuring a seamless and versatile transaction process is crucial. Gora and EXA Market recognize this demand, and through this partnership, aim to meet these evolving needs.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and get ready for a new era of NFT transactions with $GORA!

About EXA Market

EXA Market stands as a distinguished marketplace within the Algorand ecosystem. With a vision for enhanced NFT accessibility, they provide a platform for artists and creators to showcase their work while enabling a seamless experience for buyers. Learn more about EXA Market and explore the exciting world of NFTs in Algorand.

About Gora

Gora is a leading Blockchain oracle platform that provides secure, reliable, and decentralized data feeds for DeFi protocols. With a mission to enable seamless data integration for smart contracts, Gora empowers DeFi projects to make data-driven decisions and unleash the full potential of decentralized finance. By partnering with EXA Market, we’re opening doors to fresh opportunities in the NFT realm, and we’re thrilled to be part of this dynamic venture.

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